Buhay Partylist

On October 20, 1999 Mayor Lito Atienza founded the party-list. Mayor Atienza was then chairman of the Liberal Party invited religious groups and requested to help lead and champion the Buhay party list's advocacy.


Serving as its pillar  then Mayor Lito Atienza devoted their time and effort to cultivating and propagating the BUHAY Advocacy.

Today Buhay Partylist is lead by the council of elders supported by multiple congregations and religious groups. The council of guides the party on nation-building, democracy, and human rights advocacy.

Nominees for 2022 is Von Valdepenas, Brian Paz and Bro. Xavier Padilla.


Policy and Politics. Transparency and Public Accountability. Equality Justice and Freedom. 

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We advance people's welfare towards a just and humane society, defined by truth, freedom, fairness, political stability, and due regard for human rights and dignity.



We aim for good governance and the responsible, effective management of government in order to ensure equitable opportunities for all.


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